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Landfill Gas Collection System Design – Seoul, South Korea
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 Project Name
Sudokwon Landfill


Korea Electric Power Engineering Company

The Sudokwon Landfill is the largest landfill in South Korea .  It currently has 70 million tons of municipal solid waste in place, and is currently accepting about 6 million tons per year.  Total capacity of the site is projec ted to be 250 million tons.  The Korean Ministry of the Environment authorized an investigation into the feasibility of LFG utilization at the Sudokwon Landfill.

SCS Engineers Services 
  • Review existing wellfield and recommend modifications to improve LFG recovery
  • Recommend a conceptual design for future hori­zontal expansions of the landfill.
  • Project future LFG recovery for each major land­fill area and the landfill as a whole.
  • Identification and sizing of LFG utilization alternatives based on LFG availability.  Alternatives sized included electric power generation (reciprocating engines, combustion turbines, and steam cycle); medium-Btu LFG production and sale; high-Btu (pipeline-quality gas) production and sale; and co-firing with municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge.
  • Estimate construction costs, operating costs, air emissions, raw water requirements, wastewater gen­eration, efficiencies, and outputs for all alternatives.
  • Recommend an LFG utilization plan (a steam cycle power plant).
  • Conduct an economic evaluation to select the optimal plant capacity.  A 58-MW plant was recommended.

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