Professional Development

SCS professionals work in offices and in the field.

SCS Engineers believes in helping each and every employee succeed. For our engineering professionals we encourage participation in many professional associations including: the Solid Waste Association of North America, the National Waste & Recycling Association, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the National Society of Professional Engineers and a host of other associations specific to particular industries or sciences. All employees are encouraged to participate in a variety of professional associations and business groups related to their positions within the company.

SCS has flourished because of our exceptional leaders. The SCS Leadership and Associates Development program develops these leaders. The ultimate objective of the program is to create a leadership culture by helping those in leadership positions to optimize their performance through increased understanding of leadership principles and to achieve personal growth. The program aims to develop leadership skills, empower each employee, and encourage employees to become part of a leadership team pulling in the same direction to benefit both SCS Engineers and our clients who enable our company to thrive.

We are proud of our community involvement to municipal government, professional associations and organizations, charitable organizations, scholarship programs, mentoring programs, and similar endeavors. SCS Engineers gets involved on a national level and each of our offices has programs for the benefit of their local and regional communities.

In everything that we do, the health and safety of our colleagues and the public is paramount. Concern for the safety of our employees is our greatest responsibility, along with safeguarding the general public and our clients’ property. Safety is an integral part of how SCS Engineers does business, and we have adopted a comprehensive plan to carry out that philosophy.

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