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Environmental consulting is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries over the next decade. Be at the heart of this growing industry with SCS Engineers.

SCS provides waste management and environmental services to many industries, creating professional opportunities that may not exist in other companies. At SCS you’ll feel the comradery of an entrepreneurial company, and your client relationships will be close partnerships because we treat our clients’ challenges and goals as our own. You’ll have SCS teams, National Experts, and mentors to help you grow professionally and to work with as you design and build sustainable solutions. You will learn best practices and techniques from a variety of scientists and engineers, who are association leaders, active in engineering and scientific communities, and involved in environmental initiatives of global importance.

SCS is known and respected for using our considerable experience to develop and adapt new technologies and techniques into sustainable environmental solutions for our clients.  As an employee at SCS, you will have, at your fingertips, the deep resources and expertise of a large company, except that you will also be an employee-owner.

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Dale Daniel, SCS Engineers Associate Professional

SCS’s specialty divisions can provide unique opportunities to work with specialized science, techniques, and technologies.



Nicole Franken, SCS Engineers Project Professional
Nicole Franken, SCS Engineers Project Professional

SCS Energy is our division that specializes in waste gas to provide an integrated engineer-procure-construct-operate approach to systems. SCS’s waste gas experience includes the creation and beneficial use of biogas, landfill gas, digester gas, CHP, CNG/LNG and coal mine methane.




Dave Hostetter, SCS Engineers Senior Project Professional
Dave Hostetter, SCS Engineers Senior Project Professional

SCS Tracer Environmental provides a comprehensive range of scientific engineers, technologies, and laboratory facilities including; mechanical, chemical, meteorology, atmospheric sciences, and tracer sciences. Our advanced air monitoring and tracer sciences services provide our clients with specialized compliance services to navigate highly regulated industries such as the manufacturing and food/beverage industries.



Kristen Cope, SCS Engineers Staff Professional
Kristen Cope, SCS Engineers Staff Professional

SCS Technology Services works closely with our business sectors to develop software, applications, and support services which harness technology to capture, track, and evaluate environmental data. Our SCSeToolsTM platform has applications in multiple industry areas which require an environmental database to assure compliance with very complicated environmental regulations. This service provides the ability to track the health and performance of each facility asset in order to achieve operational excellence. It can function as a Big Data repository for larger businesses to spot overall and long-term trends in huge and always at-risk facilities. The service can be applied to monitor solid waste by-products, chemicals, and greenhouse gases as well as other custom applications for meeting a spectrum of industrial environmental objectives.


SCS Field Services OM&M provides operation, monitoring, and maintenance services for a broad range of solid waste and environmental control facilities, including composting systems, biogas systems and pipelines, leachate treatment, and groundwater remediation.

SCS Field Services Construction constructs buildings, facilities, and systems independently, or as turn-key design-build, and design-build-operate services in conjunction with SCS Engineers.
























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