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Federation of New York Solid Waste & Recycling Conference

May 21 - May 24

Organics: A Hybrid Approach to Decentralized Composting

Greg McCarron’s course concerns the design, permitting and operations services for compost facilities that accept food and yard waste. Technologies to be covered include a covered aerated static pile (ASP) system; a truck-mounted mixer to mix food and leaves; and a compost turner for open windrow sites. A covered ASP system can be combined with open

A covered ASP system can be combined with open windrow technology to achieve necessary process control while maintaining cost efficiencies. This hybrid approach to compost facilities can be configured into a Decentralized Regional Composting System that could be replicated across counties and regions.

Design and operational topics that participants will learn during this session include:
1. Site layout to support permitting and approval activities, and to prepare for operations.
2. Use of a mixer truck to pre-mix food waste and leaves and to put the mix into windrows.
3. Use of a covered ASP system for the initial phase of composting.
4. Use of a compost turner for subsequent phases of composting.
5. Windrow monitoring for temperature, moisture, and records of the measurements.
6. Screening of the finished compost.
7. Odor and contamination issues.

Stop by the SCS Engineers booth #516 to say hello and learn about the latest landfill, LFG, and solid waste technologies.

Learn more about comprehensive SCS Services such as Composting and Solid Waste Planning and Management, Landfills, and Landfill Gas. Each section includes case studies, relevant articles, whitepapers, and the latest regulatory news.

Greg McCarron, PE, is a Vice President of SCS Engineers and our National Expert on Organics Management and Composting. He has 30 years of experience in all aspects of solid waste management and is a registered professional engineer in New York, Massachusetts, and four other states. He is currently working in New York and Massachusetts on the design, permitting, and operation of compost facilities including the marketing of the product.



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