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SCS Engineers - Environmental Consultants and Contractors

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Southwest Engineering Office and Satellites

  Patrick S. Sullivan, REPA, CPP - Sacramento, CA - Email

SCS Tracer

  Thomas J. Rappolt, Q.E.P., SCS Tracer Environmental, Carlsbad, CA - Email

Reston, VA (Mid-Atlantic) and Satellites

  Paul A. Mandeville, P.E. - Reston, VA - Email

Washington State

  Greg Helland, L.G. - Bellevue, WA - Email

  • Louis Caruso - Portland, OR - Email

Central Region

  Doug Doerr, Overland Park, KS - Email

Florida and Satellites

  Eddy Smith, P.E. - Miami, FL - Email

  • Carlo Lebron, P.E. - Tampa, FL - Email
  • Myles Clewner, P.E. - Boca Raton, FL - Email
  • Jason Stough, P.E. - Atlanta, GA - Email

New York

  Gregory P. McCarron, P.E. - Suffern, NY - Email


  Kevin D. Yard, P.E. - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX - Email

Upper Midwest

  Mark R. Huber, P.E. - Madison, WI - Email

SCS Energy

  Steve Hamilton, R.E.P.- SCS Energy - Santa Rosa, CA - Email

SCS Field Services Construction Headquarters and Regions

  Tom Barham, SCS Field Services - Reston, VA - Email

SCS Field Services Operations, Maintenance & Monitoring (OM&M) Headquarters and Regional

  Galen Petoyan, SCS OM&M Division Manager - Long Beach, CA - Email