Organics Management – Compost Facility Permit, Watertown, Wisconsin

A thorough understanding of the existing code, as well as the proposed changes, expedited the permitting of the compost facility permit in Watertown, Wisconsin.
A thorough understanding of the existing code and the proposed changes expedited the permitting of this compost facility in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Waste Management of Wisconsin (WMWI) retained SCS Engineers to permit a new compost facility at the Deer Track Park Landfill complex. WMWI wanted to have three potential areas permitted, only one in use at a time corresponding to various landfill development stages.

WMWI intended the facility to accept less than 20,000 cubic yards (CY) of yard waste and less than 500 CY of food waste. Permitting of a facility of this size required an Initial Site Inspection (ISI) Request letter. The request letter summarized the development of the facility with respect to the performance standards and locational criteria in the code. These criteria include the effects on endangered and threatened species, historical and archaeological areas, floodplain, groundwater, water supply wells, streams and rivers, highways, parks, and airports.

This project was performed in early 2012, at a time when modifications were proposed to the State compost regulations. Having a thorough understanding of the existing code, as well as the proposed changes, expedited the permitting of the site.

Value and Accomplishments

  • SCS had an understanding of the proposed compost rule and was able to expedite the project.
  • SCS wrote the ISI Request letter to include the three areas intended for use, describing potential timing for each with expanded service support for sustainable performance.
  • ISI Request letter for WDNR submittal with three areas now permitted for compost acceptance.
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