July 29, 2015

METROGAS®, S.A., a Digester Gas to high-Btu Gas Plant in Chile

  SCS Energy, a division of SCS Engineers, supported the design | build | operation and maintenance of a new Metrogas high-Btu gas plant located at La Farfana Wastewater Treatment Plant near Santiago, Chile.  La Farfana is owned by Aguas Andinas. Metrogas, the chief natural gas distribution company in ...

July 27, 2015

ASCE Editor-in-chief Award

Dr. Ravi Kadambala, Senior Project Professional with the SCS office in Boca Raton, Florida received the editor-in-chief award at the Florida Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Dr. Kadambala is one of the founding members of the ASCE Florida Civil Engineering Journal. He reviewed and formatted ...

July 23, 2015

“In-house construction capability gives us an edge, and it makes us think differently about a cleanup,” says Dan Johnson, an SCS VP in the Environmental Business Journal

With in-house construction capability and skills in turning a traditional cleanup job into a more sustainable and cost-efficient project, SCS Engineers has seen its remediation practice grow ahead of the overall industry’s pace. Read the full article.

July 22, 2015

Resources and Options from SCS Engineers for Your Next Property Transaction

At SCS Engineers, we often receive calls requesting environmental due diligence prior to a property purchase. Due diligence includes anything from a desktop survey of publicly-available websites to a transaction screen, to a full Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, to Phase 2 activity such as collecting soil and groundwater ...

July 17, 2015

Private Citizen Q&A with SCS Engineers

Subjects: Post landfill use/ life expectancy/plastic grocery bags Questions: Hello, I am just looking for a little information about landfills and am hoping that someone in your organization can help me out. This is what’s going on here in my region. Some local citizens along with the Sierra Club ...

July 7, 2015

SCS Engineers Ranks in the Top 25 Waste 100 Firms Published in 2015

Every year Waste360 publishes the Waste 100. Waste 100 consists of the largest waste and recycling firms in North America ranked by revenue for the previous year. Companies included; may have collection or long-haul fleets, own or operate processing or disposal sites, be consultants and engineers, or in some ...

July 2, 2015

Technical Bulletin for Coal Combustion Residuals Disposal Regulations Updated – July 2, 2015

EPA Final Rules for Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals from Electric Utilities SCS updated information describing the rules regulating CCR from electric utilities. This bulletin includes compliance details about location, design, operation, closure and post-closure care requirements to avoid a facility considered as an “open dump” subject to citizens’ suit ...