February 24, 2016

Clean Power Plan – Update

Thirty-four senators and 171 representatives argue in a brief filed February 23, that the EPA overstepped its boundaries in creating the carbon-cutting Clean Power Plan. In short, the brief states that they feel that Congress never gave the EPA a clear statutory directive or authority to transform the nation’s ...

February 24, 2016

SCS Advice from the Field: Avoid geotextile clogging of leachate collection pipes

One general problem that is encountered in traditional designs is the potential for clogging of geotextiles in the vicinity of the leachate collection pipes. Traditionally, leachate collection pipes are encased in gravel, wrapped in geotextile, and positioned above the leachate collection system geocomposite drainage layer inside a trench or ...

February 17, 2016

SCS Advice from the Field: How to compensate for the effect of the ambient temperature variations on the pressure changes within the pipe during HDPE pipe pressure testing using incompressible fluid

Pressure testing of HDPE pipes takes place at almost every landfill lining system and landfill gas collection system construction project. The pipes must be tested to make sure the fusion welds are intact and are not leaking. When engineers specify pressure testing, they identify the required test pressure, the ...

February 15, 2016

Get a Firm Handle on Solid Waste Costs to Optimize Performance

Getting a firm handle on the solid waste agency costs to provide optimal services is a critical ongoing focus for any professional solid waste manager. Today’s SCS blog focuses on the most important financial tools available to optimize agency performance and project feasibility. Solid waste agencies are under more ...

February 10, 2016

Storm Water Compliance and Fees for the Industrial General Permit

Businesses attending California’s Storm Water Workshop know that the State Board is currently considering a tiered approach for storm water fees. Toward that end, the Board is reviewing the industrial storm water fee schedule with the intent of updating it by this summer. Current rates are flat fees where ...

February 10, 2016

Dynamic Compaction for New Development on Old Landfills

Dynamic compaction is a construction technique that increases the density of soil/waste deposits by dropping a heavy weight at regular intervals to consolidate and improve the geotechnical characteristics of the deposit so that it can be suitable for redevelopment. This construction technique can be used to transform otherwise undevelopable ...

February 3, 2016

Making Gas System Designs Consistent with the Landfill Design in the Facility Permit

  As a designer, I’ve been hired to correct inconsistencies between the gas system and the landfill too many times. Today’s blog is about the most important factors that all landfill gas designers should consider for a gas system to coordinate efficiently with the landfill design as permitted. This ...

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