February 27, 2017

Five Tips to Simplify Your Next SPCC Plan Review

Another commonly overlooked area is facility drainage; specifically the overland flow in the proximity of each oil source, which is key to determining the potential receptors where spilled product can travel.

February 21, 2017

Infrastructure Investment Impossible Without Engineers – Compatibility and Sustainability are Key

The role of the engineer is going to take the politics out of it and look at the real need of the community.

February 20, 2017

SCS Advice from the Field: EPCRA Tier II Hazardous Chemical Reporting – Avoiding Common Mistakes

Understanding and correcting typical Tier II deficiencies may help companies with hazardous chemical reporting obligations avoid the recently increased penalties.   On March 1, each year facilities that use hazardous chemicals in specific quantities must file an EPCRA Tier II report identifying the chemicals with the State Emergency Response ...

February 16, 2017

What’s Next for Route Optimization? Waste360, February 2017

We hope you find this Waste360 article helpful. http://www.waste360.com/fleets-technology/what-s-next-route-optimization Other related articles of interest include financing  and rate studies see Solid Waste Management Services at SCS Engineers. Rogoff will be leading a panel at this year’s WasteExpo in New Orleans. The session on Route Optimization Management will take place on ...

February 15, 2017

Water Quality Treatment Considerations for Non-Hazardous Disposal Wells Injecting Produced Fluids from Three Different Coal Mines in Illinois

Chad Milligan, P.G. of SCS Engineers is presenting a holistic approach to water quality treatment at mines. See the 2017 UIC Conference event. About the Presentation: Disposal of produced fluids from industrial processes is becoming more challenging with time. Options such as surface discharge through NPDES or trucking can ...

February 14, 2017

New SCS Technical Bulletin Posted: Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act Unraveled

This SCS Technical Bulletin addresses the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA).

February 13, 2017

February USWAG CCR Workshop – Alternative Capping Options and How Regulatory Agencies View Them

At the upcoming USWAG CCR Workshop Feb 22-23 in Arlington, VA, Steve Lamb and Floyd Cotter of SCS Engineers will present a session about the advantages and disadvantages of emerging alternative capping options, and how different regulatory agencies are viewing these options. About this Session: Traditional final cover and capping design ...

February 9, 2017

Dave Hostetter of SCS Engineers Receives the Society of American Military Engineers Honorable Award for Outstanding Contributions by a Young Civilian Member

Dave serves as a model of what young professionals and students should strive to become in their professional careers; we are very proud of him.

February 8, 2017

SCS Engineers Recognized for 15 Years of Support by SAME DC

SCS Engineers recognized for their 15 years of service and volunteer support at the SAME District of Columbia post this month.

February 6, 2017

SCS Engineers Wins 2016 EBJ Business Achievement Award

Award winning redevelopment projects happen with SCS Engineers.