August 28, 2017

SCS Advice From the Field: Prevent Sump Clogs as Part of Regular Leachate Collection Pipe Maintenance

A drawback of jet cleaning is that when the pipes are cleaned, the spent jetting liquids enter the sump medium, thereby using essential leachate storage space in the sump.

August 25, 2017

United Way’s Seasons of Caring Community Kickoff in Madison, WI

The local SCS Engineers staff participated in United Way’s Seasons of Caring Community Kickoff. It was a “power hour” of volunteering at the Mallards Duck Pond. The event brought together more than 750 people from across the Madison community to help community members in need. Our staff SCSers labeled ...

August 21, 2017

Is the Perimeter Berm a Better Location for Gas Headers and Condensate Sumps?

The primary role of gas collection system laterals is conveying landfill gas to the final destination in the system; however, lateral pipes are also used to convey condensate in the system to a collection point such as a condensate sump. Between the gas collection laterals and the condensate sump, ...

August 14, 2017

Vertical Drains in Landfills Offer More Efficient Leachate and Gas Collection Reducing Capital Investment

Vertical drains help landfill liquids reaching the gas well gravel pack to flow to the leachate collection system at the bottom of the landfill; thus preventing watering out the gas wells. This sustainable alternative keeps gas production efficient and is environmentally sound, requiring less capital investment.

August 8, 2017

Fluctuating customer demand can complicate air permitting processes and inspections in manufacturing plants; here’s how one company tackled the challenges.

MasterMold, LLC makes component parts for manufacturers of recreational vehicles, utility equipment, and agricultural equipment who use the components in their end products. Because of the wide variety of industries and customers it serves, MasterMold must be poised to respond to its customers’ growth by increasing production levels on ...

August 7, 2017

How one landfill is saving cell space, creating jobs, and saving taxpayers money with their C&D Recycling Facility and Waste Transfer Station…

In February Dane County opened their expanded C&D Recycling Facility with its adjacent 4,800 sq. ft. Clean Sweep building. The facility accepts materials in segregated or mixed loads from home demolition projects, new residential and commercial construction, and large quantities of shipping materials such as pallets and cardboard. See ...

August 4, 2017

SCS Awarded Consulting Contract with the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, FL

SCS Engineers will provide landfill and landfill gas engineering and construction management services to the Authority. Consulting services will include technical and financial advisory services related to the operation, expansion, and development of the Authority’s landfills, and work with utilities and regulatory agencies. SCS Engineers has been awarded a ...