June 28, 2019

SCS Engineers Storm the Beach – Run, Walk, Roll for U.S. Vets

SCS Engineer’s Long Beach Headquarters sponsored and participated in the U.S. Vets Storm the Beach 5K/10K  Run, Walk & Roll for Veterans event in Long Beach, CA. U.S. Vets is an impressive organization supporting our Veterans in Long Beach, many of whom are homeless.  These men and women who ...

June 26, 2019

reTHINK before reCYCLE – Association Poster Supports Customer Education and Safety

Download the free poster here. NWRA, SWANA, NERC, and ISRA  jointly developed the “Think Twice” poster to help communities and individuals recycle materials in safe and appropriate ways. The poster is free and allows users to add their own website URL to provide more useful information.   Ask SCS ...

June 25, 2019

Kenton Yang, P.E., Joins SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers welcomes Kenton Yang, P.E, to the firm’s Solid Waste Services practice. Kenton is a Project Director in Raleigh, North Carolina, responsible for providing landfill engineering and solid waste management consulting services in the region. With nearly two decades of experience in civil and environmental engineering, Kenton’s expertise ...

June 24, 2019

Unique Approaches to Bridging CCR State and Federal Regulatory Gaps

When the Federal Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) rule went into effect in 2015, it was a new regulatory layer on top of a widely varying landscape of state regulations affecting CCR management in impoundments and landfills. Some states already had significant regulations on the books for CCR impoundments and/or ...

June 21, 2019

SCS Engineers Welcomes Dana Justice to Phoenix, AZ

SCS Engineers’ Arizona office is continuing to grow with the addition of Dana Justice, a marketing specialist, who previously worked at the award-winning firm’s office in San Diego. “Dana brings fresh ideas, strong problem-solving skills, and creative business development tactics to the Arizona office,” said Dan Sola, Arizona project ...

June 19, 2019

The Impact of Oil, Gas Waste Management on the Environmental Industry

Oil, gas waste management involves a long, intensive permitting process and answering to regulatory agencies with demanding rules. “Operators must undertake an extensive geologic investigation and submit geotechnical analyses, drawings, fill progression, drainage, and a final grading plan. Additionally, a closure cost estimate is required to get bonding for ...

June 17, 2019

Determining if Deep Well Injection is a Viable Technology for Your Facility

Compatibility evaluations also consider the potential for creating unwanted microbial growth and scale formation within the injection interval. Growth and scale can happen with injected fluid containing sulfur or ammonia (two food sources for microorganisms) or wastewaters supersaturated with minerals. Unless planned for and evaluated properly, these items have ...

June 14, 2019

4-H Geology Program for Future Environmental Engineers and Geologists

SCS Engineers is proud of the level of community involvement that many of our professional and technical staff provide to municipal governments, professional associations and organizations, charitable organizations, scholarship programs, youth mentoring programs, and similar endeavors. We appreciate the commitment and care that local organizations such as 4-H offer ...

June 12, 2019

Landfill Technology Uses Heat by Combusting LFG to Eliminate Leachate Onsite

Landfill gas (LFG) fired leachate evaporation is a novel technology attracting the attention of landfill owners because it can offer an operational win-win. The technology uses a readily available resource at landfills, LFG, to remove liquid from landfill leachate via evaporation, thus abating this environmental liability onsite, often at ...

June 11, 2019

SCS professionals will be delighted to see you at these June conferences

CCLR 4th Annual NYS Redevelopment Summit: Pathways To Revitalization June 11 @ 12:00 pm – June 12 @ 4:45 pm The Armory at Sage College of Albany, 130 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208 + Google Map The Center for Creative Land Recycling is hosting their 4th Annual New York State ...

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