August 31, 2019

EPA Proposes Updates to Air Regulations for Oil and Gas Industry

  The updates to air regulations intend to remove redundant requirements and reduce compliance burdens where environmentally appropriate. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed updates to the oil and natural gas industry national standards. The proposal intends to remove regulatory duplication while maintaining health and environmental regulations on ...

August 30, 2019

Americans use 500 million straws a day; enough to fill Yankee Stadium over 9 times in a year!

Even the smallest change can make a big difference.   Do you really need to use a drinking straw? With most beverages, probably not! Make this one change and help America reduce the amount of plastic going into our landfills.   Tips: Use a straw only when you must ...

August 28, 2019

Tim Smith, P.E. Joins SCS Engineers Expanding Environmental Services in Alabama

SCS Engineers welcomes Tim Smith, P.E, to the firm’s environmental engineering practice. As the Alabama Project Director, he and his team provide engineering and consulting to public and private entities in the region from the newest SCS Engineers office in Mobile. Smith brings over 20 years of expertise in ...

August 28, 2019

SCS Engineers to Support Sacramento Waste Management Program

The initiative to optimize the residential waste and recycling collection system for current and future operations exemplifies the County’s commitment to safe, efficient, and excellent civic services for residents. The County of Sacramento, Department of Waste Management & Recycling (DWMR) is contracting with SCS Engineers to study and analyze ...

August 26, 2019

The Real Cost of Terraces on Landfill Slopes

  Another in the series, SCS Advice from the Field. It is possible to simplify landfill maintenance and create air space. Many landfill designers continue to incorporate terraces on the outside slopes of landfills, but not always for sound reasons. Sometimes, terraces are necessary to maintain landfill slopes in ...

August 22, 2019

MSW Landfills EG Comment Period Ends October 7, 2019

  EPA 40 CFR Part 62   This proposed MSW Landfills Federal Plan includes the same elements as required for a state plan: identification of legal authority and mechanisms for implementation; inventory of designated facilities; emissions inventory; emission limits; compliance schedules; a process for the EPA or state review ...

August 21, 2019

Q&A with Ali Khatami – Jet Cleaning Leachate Collection Pipes

I read your informative blog regarding recommendations for jet cleaning leachate collection pipes. I have a question. QUESTION: Say a landfill only has access to one end of a leachate pipe. This would be a situation where a new cell was built, where the uphill side of the cell ...

August 19, 2019

What’s in your water? Protecting potable water from ‘forever chemicals’

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances collectively referred to as PFAS or “forever chemicals,” are being detected in water and many types of foods. Viraj deSilva of SCS Engineers provides an overview of sources, treatment processes used to remove them from wastewater, and government advisory limits in this recent article in ...

August 14, 2019

Sussex County, NJ Municipal Utilities Authority: 30 Years of Solid Waste and Recycling

A recent article in Waste Advantage Magazine features a detailed and comprehensive operation, the Sussex County, NJ Municipal Utilities Authority (SCMUA). The SCMUA team continuously looks for innovative solutions that will not only make operations more efficient but also help them to ‘be a good neighbor ’and resource to the ...

August 12, 2019

Grass Over Garbage – Double Eagle

SCS Engineers transforms landfills and other properties with a past to keep you golfing, shopping, or taking your kids to the park. Golf Advisor published a recent article and great video highlighting more than a dozen courses. The article discusses what can happen when the transformation is done well, ...

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