CRRA Edible Food Recovery Kick-Off Webinar – November 17 – Free Webinar

November 12, 2020

SCS Engineers Food Recovery Programs
Planning ahead leaves time for outreach, education, and successful transitions to enhanced organics programs. Learn from others and supplement your recovery programs to reduce waste and the greenhouse gases produced, while collecting edible food for people.


You don’t need to reside in California to benefit from the California Resource and Recovery Association’s Edible Food Recovery Webinar. Attendees will learn about food recovery goals and the CRRA’s plans to achieve them. These and others will benefit by learning more to enhance their local programs, including:

  • Defining Food Recovery
  • Identify funding sources to achieve goals
  • Food Recovery best practices and protocols
  • Identifying and expanding networks of stakeholders and partners


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Lisa Coelho, SCS Engineers’ sustainable materials management specialist has this to say:

One of our goals is to bring new relationships and partners to the table so that we are not just waste industry people talking to other waste industry people. My particular focus is the Define Food Recovery Subcommittee, which will identify Tier 1 and Tier 2 edible food generators in compliance with SB 1383. We will also identify common goals between reducing waste and feeding people, but with a focus that edible food requires more thoughtful behaviors than feeding curbside organics bins. We hope to help jurisdictions find support with 1383 programs, clarity of the regulations, and create a network of other professionals to lean on. Others can learn from the ideas generated and the best practices in California.

Registration is free and you do not have to be a CRRA member to join. See more details here.




Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am