August 6 & 8 Forester University Webinar – NPDES Industrial Stormwater Compliance

July 31, 2019

Jonathan J. Meronek, QISP-ToR, ENV SP, CPESC, QSP/D Project Manager, SCS EngineersForester University recently added a new class entitled “NPDES Industrial Stormwater Compliance and BMP Selection under an Emerging Regulatory Trajectory” with Jonathan Jonathan Meronek, QISP-ToR, ENV SP, CPESC, QSP/D.


Int his 2-day session attendees and groups can expect to learn what they need to know immediately to shape their stormwater management program for the future as regulatory compliance responsibilities increase for owners, managers, and operators of industrial stormwater facilities.

  • Explore feasible BMP assessments; e.g. the cost of source control versus BMPs and/or potentially no discharge
  • Discover how to approach compliance with a tiered selection of BMPs to meet regulatory requirements and receiving water standards
  • Examine how states that have currently implemented industrial stormwater regulations are coming to terms with potential discharges to impaired waters (303d and TMDLs)
  • Understand how non-government organizations (NGOs) and environmental groups are shaping industrial stormwater regulations and becoming a “de facto” regulatory mechanism
  • Get your whole team trained! For group pricing information, contact Forester at






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