Hazardous Waste Determinations – Management Standards for the Printing Industry

May 1, 2019

There are different management standards for hazardous waste, used oil and universal waste. The USEPA requires waste generators to make adequate determinations as to whether their wastes are hazardous. Which rules apply?

In her article, Cheryl Moran of SCS Engineers covers which facility wastes need to undergo a Waste Determination and what standards the USEPA allows. For example, she describes the precautions you should take if using generator knowledge and when testing for hazardous wastes.

Whichever method you use to analyze your waste, you must first understand the rules and how they apply to your waste streams. Cheryl explains the exemptions and provides tips for oil, hazardous, and universal wastes.

Start by determining if your waste is excluded, if it can be managed as used oil, or as a universal waste. If none of these apply, the next step is assessing whether it is a hazardous waste. Cheryle explains how the various sections of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) contain either additional guidance or valuable information to use.

Document Your Findings!

Cheryl’s article is available to read, share, and download on the SCS website. You may contact any of our professionals nationwide at service@scsengineers.com or by calling 1- 800-767-4727.

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