IPEC 2019: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Lined Evaporation Ponds for Produced Water, Flow-Back Water Storage

September 11, 2019

IPEC 2019 featured speaker Neil Nowak, P.E. of SCS Engineers

Solving the challenge of the disposal and reuse of millions of barrels of produced water (brine water) and flow-back water generated annually from the oil and gas industry in an environmentally safe, low cost, and efficient manner is possible. Effective and safe technology is the evaporation of the water in lined containment ponds after separation and removal of the hydrocarbon component from the water.  These ponds are used to store the water for potential reuse as well.

Neil discusses several facilities located near Cheyenne and Dad, Wyoming, and near Cisco, Utah. They were all designed to evaporate water in a series of geomembrane lined ponds. Neil’s discussion will demonstrate that the black HDPE increases evaporation over the use of clay or unlined ponds. He also shows how there are other uses for these ponds, including the storage of the water for reuse and using white HDPE to reduce evaporation.

These facilities are operational and continue to be expanded per their permit. The production and flow-back water from oil and gas wells in the area, local to each site, is trucked to the sites for disposal. The water is evaporated in ponds lined with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as the top layer and by using a combination of factors favorable to the evaporative process such as the natural characteristics of the site, including the arid climate, windy conditions, and liner considerations and engineering making the ponds safe and effective.


Visit with Neil Nowak, P.E. of SCS Engineers and learn more about using this proven solution to produced and flow-back waters at IPEC 2019.






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