Landfill Redevelopment – ISWA 2018 – Meeting the Environmental Challenges

October 8, 2018

Closing old dumpsites for redevelopment brings enormous benefits to public health and local communities. Developers are mitigating potential soil or groundwater contamination, waste hazards, explosive gas, etc. Redevelopment of the unwanted dumpsites brings business and jobs to the community, increases property values, boosts the local economy, and improves the aesthetics of the community.

How’s it Done?

An old dumpsite located in an upscale community in the southeast United States that was previously on the Superfund National Priority List has been redeveloped for both commercial and residential uses. These uses include wholesale stores, luxury cars dealership, upscale condominiums, and hotels. The redevelopment has occurred in phases and is still on-going. Technical challenges were encountered during the redevelopment, in addition to other significant challenges, including regulatory approval, meeting an aggressive development schedule, development funds, and working with local authorities and communities, etc.

Fangmei Zhang, SCS Engineers is presenting this case study at the upcoming 2018 ISWA Congress in October. Attendees will learn how SCS Engineers meets redevelopment challenges head-on, including timely and effective strategies for:

  • Waste settlement that allows for various foundation options,
  • Staying on an aggressive project schedule,
  • Methane gas mitigation systems with the flexibility to be converted to, or function as, active systems,
  • Implementation beneath buildings with occupied spaces
  • Unique designs based on proposed use as residential towers, parking garages, temporary construction offices, and commercial buildings,
  • Groundwater remediation system preventing any impact to adjacent protected wetlands and drinking water using a 3-dimensional groundwater model to design extractions wells, well depths, and well spacing.

See some of the beautiful parks, city centers, marinas, and transportation hubs that SCS Engineers has helped developers turn from Brownfields into thriving businesses and communities.





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