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October 17, 2017

SCS Engineers offers innovative, cost-effective wastewater solutions supporting leaders in solid waste, construction, manufacturing, and mining overcome their liquids management challenges. Click to read and share our interactive brochure, or click directly to your industry below:

Landfill Leachate Engineering
Our innovative use of landfill assets and technology means we can provide superior upstream solutions to reduce leachate production, as well as cost-effective downstream solutions for leachate management and treatment. We also offer a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing leachate information from multiple data collection points. SCSeTools® Leachate Module enables our clients to evaluate disposal trends and effectively manage disposal costs.

Dewatering Contaminated Sites
Our responsiveness, experience on large and complex projects, and strong relationships with regulators means our clients can avoid costly delays on construction projects, where contaminated groundwater is discovered.

Industrial Wastewater Pre-treatment
We deliver comprehensive solutions for our clients’ industrial wastewater pre-treatment requirements, from feasibility studies to permitting, designing, operating and monitoring treatment systems.

Deep Well Injection
We have extensive experience in providing this often overlooked but highly effective solution for treating and managing liquid waste.




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