SCS Engineers Hires Ajay Vonkarey as Director of Sustainability

November 22, 2022

SCS Engineers
Ajay Vonkarey, Director of Sustainability, SCS Engineers

Long Beach, CA – SCS Engineers announces Ajay Vonkarey as Director of Sustainability, reporting to Senior Vice President and leader of SCS’s Sustainability Services, Patrick Sullivan. Vonkarey will develop and implement comprehensive solutions addressing one of the most critical issues facing the waste management industry today, Climate Change.

Vonkarey brings his years of experience as a sustainability professional, an IT software professional, and Program Manager for a $150 million, multi-national, multi-cultural SAP implementation project to SCS. As sustainability lead for global software companies, his expertise integrates well with SCS’s technology services and industry expertise.

Whether reducing methane emissions at agricultural facilities and landfills, repurposing contaminated properties, producing alternative energy, or sequestering carbon, SCS has been combatting Climate Change and improving the natural environment since the firm’s inception over 50 years ago. Sullivan said, “In his role, Vonkarey will focus nationally on providing sustainability and ESG services to existing and new clients expanding SCS’s Clean Air Act and greenhouse gas compliance, permitting, monitoring, and reporting work.”

One of the major challenges of sustainability planning and ESG is that plans do not often accommodate the pressure to achieve more as EPA and SEC regulations become stricter. Vonkarey’s focus starting with feasibility studies, combines business activities and ESG non-financial factors with SCS’s expertise in authoritative emissions tracking, reporting, verification, capture, and reuse services, along with water and energy-saving expertise.

Using its combined comprehensive technical and business competencies, SCS aims to deliver more economically and environmentally sustainable plans enabling flexible planning with operational efficiencies to reach more ambitious goals.

“Essential services and products are already feeling the pressure of inflation and labor shortages. By integrating with our existing multidisciplinary teams, we can support our customers with more comprehensive plans that include ESG and encourage young professionals seeking to work with forward-thinking, sustainability-conscious companies,” Ajay Vonkarey states.


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