SCS Engineers Promotes Robert Speed to Office Director of Southeast Region

January 12, 2018

Robert (Bob) Speed. “I’m a lucky guy; SCS works with interesting clients under strong leaders and we’ve built an elite team of environmental professionals that I am proud to work with every day,“ stated Speed.

ORLANDO, FL – SCS Engineers President and CEO Jim Walsh announced today that Robert Speed is the new Office Director of the firm’s Southeast operations effective January 1, 2018.

As Office Director, Speed is responsible for all sales, operations, and environmental solution teams in the states of Florida and Georgia. He was promoted to his new role following the SCS announcement of Eduardo Smith’s promotion to Senior Vice President of Client Success.

Speed joined SCS Engineers in July 2012, bringing 20 years of experience as an environmental consultant in South and Central Florida. He is an expert in all phases of environmental consulting, with an emphasis on redevelopment of environmentally impacted properties, environmental audits and compliance, and liquids management.

During his career, Speed has managed environmental, geotechnical, code compliance and construction materials testing firms; has maintained excellent working relationships with environmental regulatory agencies, and is an asset to the clients he serves in Florida and Georgia.

Speed continues to work closely with Smith during the transition, as he has over the past several years. He is based out of the Orlando office but travels extensively throughout Florida and Georgia to client and project sites.

“As we continue to accelerate our growth, finding ways to engage and connect with our most critical stakeholders is more important than ever. Beyond Bob’s technical expertise, what sets him apart is his understanding of our clients’ business and his focus on helping them succeed. He is all about delivering real business value,” stated Smith.


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