Amber Dittrick

Ms. Dittrick is a Senior Project Professional with SCS’s Tracer Environmental division. She is responsible for the documentation of Process Safety Management Programs (PSM), Risk Management Programs (RMP), General Duty Clause Programs (GDC), and California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Programs for facilities using regulated substances. Her main area of concentration is risk analysis.
Ms. Dittrick works closely with SCS’s national and regional clients.  Since joining SCS in 2013, she has worked on projects preparing all necessary documentation for compliance with the PSM/RMP/CalARP regulation, developing the Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), modeling the potential off-site consequences of potential releases, compliance audits, and other environmental study projects for municipal and private clients.

Ms. Dittrick is proficient in OSHA Standards, environmental sustainability, environmental regulation regarding federal and state policies, and associated engineering standards. She assists facilities with the implementation of standard operating procedures and safety practices to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations by performing compliance audits and/or gap analysis assessments. Amber has participated in many state and federal inspections (CUPA, EPA, OSHA) by providing guidance and assistance to the facility during the inspection or documentation request. By participating in these inspections, Amber assists and coordinates with the facility on developing an action plan of improvement and implementation on inspection findings.