Christopher Romo

Mr. Romo provides SCS with over 25 years of experience in landfill gas (LFG) system operations monitoring, maintenance, migration control and recovery projects, and NSPS compliance. Field responsibilities have included routine testing, monitoring, and maintenance; repair of LFG collection headers, pneumatic pumps, extraction wells, and blower/flare facilities. Additionally, Mr. Romo has performed non-routine troubleshooting and repairs as well as emergency response services. He is experienced in all phases of landfill construction and drilling, installation of LFG systems, including flares.
Mr. Romo has supervised projects in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Kern County, and San Diego County, and other areas of Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.
Mr. Romo is routinely involved with work scope implementation, scheduling of field technicians, data review, interpretation, and assessment and coordination with the Engineers. Responsibilities have included, report preparation and review, Health & Safety Plan preparation and implementation, and providing support in regulatory compliance.