Clement Mesavage

Clem Mesavage is a qualified expert for liquid owners and the bulk liquid distribution terminal, bulk plant, and pipeline facility locations. He has completed Compliance, Conformance, and Consensus (“3-C”) Audits, Incident Forensics, and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) benchmarking at hundreds of locations. He has over 40 years of experience in dry and liquid/gas bulk liquid security; variance and loss; environmental, health, safety, fire and explosion; construction, and product quality control matters associated with storage, handling, and transfer of hundreds of oil and chemical liquids transported by tank truck, rail tank car, pipeline, and marine tank barge and tank ship in 50 states and abroad. Recent service examples include being retained directly by the U.S. Department of Justice for the criminal case as DOJ’s expert witness in the Charleston, WV matter involving the loss of water to over 300,000 people and as a testifying expert witness in Puerto Rico on the cause of the largest tank farm fire and explosion in history (Caribbean Oil Company).
In addition, Clem’s career includes being a member of API Standard 2350, Tank Overfill Protection Committee and being a Special Term Expert (STE) to the Nation’s Infrastructure Protection Program for post 9/11 vulnerability prioritization of 643 marine terminal locations for the DOE and FBI. He routinely handles facility compliance and contractor service quality audits, due diligence site assessments, waste management services, contingency plan preparation, air, water, and waste permitting associated with military, PHMSA, EPA, OSHA, USCG, and State requirements as well as industry/customer specifications. He has also had contracts with military and private pipeline operators (SIC Codes 4612, 4613, 4619, and 9711) for pipeline segment assessment, and with manufacturers, municipalities, port/airport authorities, and insurance companies. Note that his experience has included being International Technical and Regulatory Director of the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) in Washington monitoring regulatory and legal proposals that can impact product transfers and storage.