Daniel McCullough

daniel mccullough

Daniel McCullough, PG, has over 35 years of experience in the field of hydrogeology. He is responsible for planning and implementing hydrogeological investigations, including drilling, soil sampling, air sampling, groundwater monitoring, surface and subsurface geophysical investigations, aquifer testing, and statistical evaluations of groundwater data.
Mr. McCullough’s expertise includes the investigation of impacts to soil and groundwater. He conducts hydrogeological studies dealing with potential impacts from hazardous and solid waste facilities to groundwater, including fate and transport of agricultural chemicals, landfill leachate, landfill gas, and chemical spills. Tasks include vadose zone monitoring, aquifer testing, surface and subsurface geophysical investigations, and designing and installing groundwater monitoring networks to evaluate potential impacts to the environment, and installing landfill gas extraction systems to remediate impacts to groundwater from landfill gas. He also conducts fate and transport groundwater modeling.