Daniel McCullough

Mr. McCullough has more than 24 years of experience in the field of Hydrogeology. He is responsible for the planning and implementation of field investigation programs, including drilling, soil sampling, air sampling, ground-water monitoring, surface and subsurface geophysical investigations, aquifer testing, and statistical evaluations of groundwater data. In addition, Mr. McCullough is responsible for the preparation and the supervision of others preparing reports associated with these activities. The majority of Mr. McCullough’s experience since 1992 has been associated with the investigation of impacts to soil and groundwater. Mr. McCullough has supervised a staff that sampled and maintained the groundwater databases for over 30 sites. Over the past 23 years Mr. McCullough has been conducting the statistical evaluation of groundwater data and has developed site specific sampling and statistical evaluation plans for numerous sites in several states utilizing the latest EPA, ASTM and industry recognized statistical procedures. Mr. McCullough has been involved in numerous hydrogeological studies dealing with potential impacts from hazardous and solid waste facilities to groundwater. These projects include fate and transport of agricultural chemicals, landfill leachate, landfill gas and chemical spills. While working on these studies, he has performed such tasks as; vadose zone monitoring, aquifer testing, surface and subsurface geophysical investigations, and designing and installing groundwater monitoring networks to evaluate potential impacts to the environment, and installing landfill gas extraction systems to remediate impacts to groundwater from landfill gas. In addition Mr. McCullough has been involved in fate and transport groundwater modeling associated with several of these sites.