E. Wayne Pearce

Wayne Pearce

Mr. Pearce has nearly four decades of environmental project experience, with emphasis in groundwater impact assessment, groundwater and soil gas monitoring, environmental remediation, and solid waste/hazardous waste management. He has managed various size environmental projects ranging from small site inspections to multi-year evaluation and monitoring investigations. Many of these projects have involved evaluation of environmental impacts, and monitoring and compliance for both closed and active solid/hazardous waste management facilities. This included establishing monitoring systems, preparing monitoring and compliance plans, performing ongoing monitoring through sample collection and analysis, evaluation of field and laboratory analysis results, and preparation of regulatory compliance reports for detection monitoring, evaluation monitoring, and corrective action implementation and assessment.
Mr. Pearce has also directed projects for investigation of hazardous waste sites and related impacts, and conducted Phase I and Phase II site assessments for property transactions and development. In addition to site assessments for development and Brownfield projects, Mr. Pearce has completed Phase II assessments to define the nature and extent of environmental impacts at hundreds of sites throughout the U.S. In addition to extensive experience in California, he has managed projects in approximately 30 states, plus Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Puerto Rico. He also participated in the first Groundwater Scientific Trade Mission between the United States and the former Soviet Union.