Frank Cashin

Mr. Cashin has over 13 years of experience in operation and maintenance (OM&M) of landfill gas (LFG) collection and control systems. He is currently the SCS Field Services OM&M Mid-Atlantic Project Manager, responsible for direct supervision of wellfield technicians, including data collection and review, and for business development within the region. He has worked on several LFG projects in Virginia and Maryland, performing routine and non-routine O&M tasks.
Routine services provided by Mr. Cashin include regulatory compliance tasks such as testing of monitoring wells, extraction wells, and header lines; blower/flare station data collection; Greenhouse gas data collection; extraction well balancing and adjustment; blower/flare station adjustment and maintenance; and extraction system troubleshooting and repair. He understands and performs surface emission at multiple landfills throughout Virginia. Other work includes non-routine scheduled repair and emergency call-out response.
Mr. Cashin participates on projects involving operation, calibration, maintenance, and repair of automatic methane gas detection systems. He has experience in troubleshooting problems with LFG collection and detection systems. He is an experienced heavy equipment operator, and can operate many types of equipment.