Haley DeLong

Ms. DeLong is a Project Professional with experience in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, sustainable energy, and climate dynamics. She specializes in air quality consulting and has been involved in numerous projects related to air permitting and compliance with solid waste regulations, including preparing Title V and Non-Title V permit-to-construct/operate permit applications. She also prepares compliance reports, which involves conducting a thorough review of facility records and data, and analyzing permits and local, state, and federal regulations.
Ms. DeLong has completed multiple emission estimates and inventories that include criteria air pollutants, toxic air contaminants, and GHG emissions. She also evaluates and calculates landfill gas (LFG) flow data in order to prepare federal GHG reports, and California Assembly Bill (AB) 32 Mandatory Reports for several landfills
Ms. DeLong is on SCS’s certified CARB GHG verification team, and calculates and analyzes data, attends site visits, and prepares verification reports in order to verify GHG emissions for various facilities in the electric power entities, stationary combustion, and oil and gas sectors.