Jared Hamela

Jared Hamela, PG, is a Senior Project Professional in our Charlotte, NC, operations. He has ten years of experience conducting environmental and geotechnical subsurface investigations on projects for industrial, commercial, institutional, and government clients. He is a licensed Professional Geologist in North Carolina.
His solid waste experience includes construction and certification as well as environmental compliance program management.
His groundwater monitoring experience includes monitoring and contamination assessments at solid waste landfills, fossil fuel combustion facilities for power sector clients, State-Lead UST and chlorinated solvent sites, National Priority List (Superfund) sites, and due diligence environmental site assessments. His geotechnical experience includes subsurface investigations for a variety of applications.
Mr. Hamela is experienced in geologic environmental assessments, including, general field coordination, performing associated field work, assisting project management, technical report writing, interacting with clients, preparation of reports, and performing various investigative and research tasks on projects.