Leon Breun

Mr. Breun is a Senior Project Advisor in charge of Process Safety Management programs, programs, Mechanical Integrity inspections, Compliance Audits, Risk Management programs, Process Hazard Analysis, Emergency Planning and Response, and Operator Training for various customers in the Midwest.
Prior to joining SCS Tracer, Mr. Breun was an independent Consultant and used his skills gained over the past 35 years to train and advise customers and their personnel on design and operation of their food processing and storage facilities. Mr. Breun has been an expert witness for an ammonia release case in Saint Paul MN, have been deposed in several large cases in several other large litigations. His 35 years of experience includes 18 years at American Industrial Refrigeration as a Startup Technician, Service Technician, Service Manager, Construction Manager and System Design / Sales manager.