Matthew Brokaw

Mr. Brokaw is a Senior Project Professional with over 7 years of experience. He is responsible for engineering and design of a variety of projects, with a primary focus in solid waste management, stormwater management, and other environmental and civil related fields. Mr. Brokaw works closely with SCS’s municipal clients in North Carolina and is currently expanding his services to regional and national clients. His experience includes landfill operations and grading, air space analysis, permitting, stormwater design, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, and Erosion and Sediment Control Plans. He is a Professional Engineer licensed in North Carolina.
Mr. Brokaw has provided technical and consulting support for various MSW and C&D landfill sites throughout North Carolina, as well as design, recommendations, and submittals for landfill expansions, construction stormwater management and pollution prevention, erosion and sediment control, and permanent stormwater BMP’s. He is also experienced in site civil design, which provides services in utility design, grading and stabilization, pavement design, facility layout, site design, and general construction services and Construction Quality Assurance (CQA). Additional experience includes feasibility studies, environmental permitting, site assessments, lake, dam, and stream rehabilitation, environmental remediation, and preparation of various construction bid documents. Mr. Brokaw has over a decade of experience executing projects using AutoCAD Civil 3D and is knowledgeable in the wide-range of solutions it can provide for clients’ needs.