Michael Simms

Dr. Simms is a hydrogeologist with more than 30 years of experience in subsurface geologic assessment, groundwater assessment, remediation, groundwater modeling, and groundwater resource evaluation. Major areas of expertise include groundwater modeling; geologic evaluation of aquifers; groundwater geochemistry; groundwater remediation; Louisiana hydrogeology: geophysical log evaluation, and geomechanics. He has a Ph.D. Hydrogeology and Geochemistry, from Johns Hopkins University. He is a Professional Geologist in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
Dr. Simms has extensive experience in planning, implementing, and managing Injection-well disposal of UIC Class I and Class II fluids; Litigation support for groundwater use and groundwater impacts in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida; Hazardous and solid waste permitting and related regulatory issues, including RCRA permitting of closed surface impoundments and landfills, solid waste permitting of active surface impoundments, landfills (industrial and municipal), and waste treatment areas, and post-closure care for hazardous and solid waste facilities; and Risk-based corrective action for soil and groundwater including application of the Louisiana RECAP requirements.