Natasha Maranhas

Ms. Maranhas conducts stormwater inspections and monitors and samples excavation sites. Her academic background is in geology and related sciences, including geomorphology, hydrogeology, physical and historical geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, structural geology. She also has experience with field methods, GIS, and AutoCAD.
Prior to joining SCS, she worked for the Livermore Area Parks and Recreation District, performing tasks associated with riparian restoration and stream maintenance, including performing multiple aspects of vegetation maintenance, planting trees, using willows to stabilize biotechnical banks, and utilizing various methods of non-invasive weed control. As part of this work, she also calculated waste removal from local streams utilizing an agency-approved protocol to meet mandated regulatory reporting requirements. Ms. Maranhas is proficient in data entry, analysis, graphing, and reporting, and utilizes ArcGIS and AutoCAD for mapping.