Oliver Early

Mr. Early is experienced in the Landfill Gas industry. As SCS’s DataServices® Product Manager, he is responsible for all current and future development of the SCS DataServices module. He also manages the SCSeTools® Support Team, who provides administration for hundreds of sites where SCS DataServices is currently deployed. In addition to technical expertise, Mr. Early has been involved in conducting site inspections of LFG collection and control systems and other environmental monitoring and control systems, and evaluating and documenting areas of compliance, concern, and non-compliance; prioritizing and scheduling project audit and training tasks to be completed by SCS’s OM&M compliance technicians; developing, maintaining, and implementing knowledge of federal, state, and local regulatory agency rules and regulations; developing, maintaining, and implementing procedures related to SCS’s Quality Management System (QMS) and related quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) activities; and locating, attaining, and evaluating various permits to operate. Prior to joining SCS, Mr. Early worked at Fortisar Methane Group, where he was responsible for managing a team of OM&M technicians across 15 landfill sites throughout the US. He was instrumental in implementing improved system performance and efficiencies and in substantially increasing power plant production through a comprehensive investigation of physical systems and detailed multivariate data techniques, including time series and network analysis.