Raymond Huff

Ray Huff, REPA, is a Vice President of SCS Engineers and our National Expert on Greenhouse Gas. He has three decades of experience in environmental consulting, and specializes in landfill regulatory compliance; air quality/compliance issues, including GHG emissions quantification; and site assessment, remediation, and post-closure care. Mr. Huff is an Accredited Lead Verifier under California Air Resources Board (CARB) with Transactions, Oil and Gas Systems, and Process Emissions Specializations, and a Registered Environmental Property Assessor (REPA).
Mr. Huff is also the Closed Landfill project lead within SCS’s California offices, with project management and coordination responsibilities for closed and inactive landfill projects throughout the state, including landfill probe evaluation work for CalRecycle. He has also participated on the Landfill Gas Technical Advisory Group to CalRecycle.
Mr. Huff’s compliance expertise has been deployed in a Project Manager and Task Manager capacity on a variety of landfill investigations and risk assessments, hazardous substance site investigations and risk assessments, site remediations, solid waste and hazardous waste management plans, and GHG/air regulatory compliance projects throughout California.
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