Wendell Minshew

Mr. Minshew, PE, is a Project Director in our Sacramento office, and is the California technical and landfill engineering lead. He has over 35 years of project management, civil engineering and solid waste management experience. Mr. Minshew specializes in the planning, permitting, design and construction of composting facilities, landfill closures, landfill postclosure development, landfill expansions, stormwater management, leachate control, and landfill gas management. He also has extensive experience in civil engineering for infrastructure and environmental projects. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in California and Nevada.
His experience includes civil engineering planning, design, and construction of facilities for landfills, transfer stations, and related operations. His areas of expertise include site grading and erosion control; leachate control; solid waste facility permitting; closure and postclosure maintenance plans; landfill operation and support; landfill gas (LFG) monitoring, extraction, and control; construction plans, specifications, and estimates; construction quality assurance (CQA); and construction management. Mr. Minshew has performed these services on a number of landfills in Northern California and is familiar with the regulatory agencies that oversee landfills.