Wich Choomwiset

Mr. Choomwiset is a Project Manager with 13 years of experience in solid waste engineering. His experience includes landfill design, cell expansion, landfill closure (prescriptive liner systems, evapotranspiration covers, closure turf), permitting, and construction bid document preparation (plan sets, specifications, and Construction Quality Assurance [CQA] plans). He is responsible for construction cost estimation, project/construction management, and hydrology and hydraulic design; leachate collection and removal system (LCRS) design and leachate/liquid impoundment design; remaining airspace calculations (site life), waste fill sequencing, surface impoundments, stormwater management, and site grading. Mr. Choomwiset is a licensed Professional Engineer in California, Arizona, Oregon, and Hawaii.
Mr. Choomwiset has extensive field experience in landfill construction and CQA related to earthwork and geosynthetic liners. He has also served as a field engineer, CQA inspector, and CQA officer. This experience includes submittal review, oversight of construction operations, communication between clients, contractors, and regulators, and conflict resolution necessary to meet project schedules. He also provides engineering support, prepares final construction certification reports, and interacts with regulatory agencies. He has served both private and public sectors as a solid waste engineer in several western states. Additional projects on which he has provided CQA services involved over 50 million square feet of geosynthetic installation at the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station, Calabasas Landfill in Agoura Hills, and Da Phuoc Landfill in Vietnam.