Zana Bajalan

Mr. Bajalan is a civil engineer with more than 15 years of design and field construction oversight experience. He has designed and provided construction oversight for a diverse array of civil engineering projects, including CCR landfills, ash pond closures, coal ash disposal facilities, SPCC Plans, landfill gas monitoring and reporting, leachate management, organics stability, erosion control, stormwater management.
His expertise includes concrete design; water treatment plant design and construction; utility design and construction (water, storm, and sanitary); erosion control and storm water management inspections; and construction of other municipal and civil facilities such as landfills, schools, hospitals, and community centers. In addition, he has experience in overseeing construction of liner and cover systems (including leachate collection systems and drainage) for electric utilities landfills. Mr. Bajalan has worked both with municipalities and international organizations, bringing together stakeholders to achieve the intended project goals and objectives.