SCS Energy: LFG to RNG Operations-Maintenance in Texas

SCS Engineers gas plantMcCommas Bluff Gas Plant

The McCommas Bluff Gas Plant is located at the McCommas Bluff Landfill in Dallas, Texas. It converts LFG to RNG for injection into a pipeline owned by Atmos Energy.

SCS operated and maintained the RNG plant on a contract basis from 2005 through 2011. During the years SCS operated the RNG plant it had an inlet capacity of 6,500 scfm and a product gas capacity of 5,300 MMBtu/day. The RNG plant incorporated the following technologies:

  • Inlet vacuum blowers and air-to-gas cooler;
  • SulfaTreat for H2S removal;
  • Engine-driven gas compression for LFG, CO2 rinse gas and product gas;
  • LFG refrigeration;
  • TSA;
  • PSA for CO2 removal; and
  • TOX.

SCS also undertook other assignments while operating the plant, including the design and construction of a SulfaTreat system for H2S removal; a new inlet LFG cooler; and a new oil/water separator.

SCS continues to provide operations consulting and design services to the plant, which has been expanded to over 10,000 scfm. SCS recently completed the design of new PSA vacuum pumps; the design of a new sulfur cake dewatering process (for the liquid scrubber H2S removal system); and an upgrade to selected pressure safety valves.