Environmental Due Diligence – On-Call Multi-Site, Multi-Task Order MSA , Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC), Petco Park and East Village Redevelopment Area

This project involved the redevelopment of a 26-block area of downtown San Diego. The Environmental Due DiligenceEast Village Redevelopment Area had been occupied by various commercial and industrial land uses dating back to the late 1800s and by residential land uses going back as far as the mid-1800s. This area has been successfully redeveloped with numerous hotels, condominiums, restaurants, parking garages and, of course, Petco Park, the baseball stadium for the San Diego Padres.

SCS Engineers provided services on over 175 parcels owned by over 100 separate property owners. Our work included: conducting Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments; preparing a multi-volume Phase I site assessment of 35 blocks, an area-wide “master” work plan, unique property mitigation plans, health and safety plans, and a community health and safety plan; providing project management; providing oversight of other environmental consultants; preparation of health risk assessments and site conceptual models; development of risk-based corrective action levels; remediation of 19 blocks of the project area.

SCS also provided assistance in Polanco Act cost recovery efforts, litigation support and expert witness testimony on behalf of CCDC.

Contaminants of concern included petroleum hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel fuel, waste oil, fuel oil), heavy metals (lead, mercury, copper), burn ash, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (benzo[a]pyrene) and hydrocarbon and halogenated solvents. The remediation of soil and groundwater contamination, including the removal of free-phase product, was required.

The remediation effort for the Ballpark Footprint garnered CCDC an Alonzo Award from the San Diego Downtown Partnership and a prestigious Brownfields Project of the Year award from the California Redevelopment Association. The project also won a “Smart Growth” award from the Urban Land Institute and the prestigious Phoenix Award from EPA Region 9 for the brownfields redevelopment.