Remediation: Sole Mia in Miami, FL – Remediation System and Water Protection During Development

Sole′ Mia, Oleta Partners, LLC
Biscayne Landing in North Miami (the former site of the Munisport Landfill)

Phase I of Sole Mia opens in Miami, FL.

Sole′ Mia is a 200-acre, $1 billion mixed-use development on the last undeveloped property of its size abutting Biscayne Bay in South Florida. The site was formerly the Munisport Landfill, a Class I (MSW) landfill and Superfund site, operated from the 1950s through the 1980s, with an estimated 6 million tons of buried garbage. Because of its prime location, there had been several attempts to develop the site. In the mid-2000s, the City of North Miami awarded a long-term lease to a development team and soon after, two condominium towers were constructed.

After the condo construction, the development was halted by the local environmental agency, who required the design and installation of a remediation system to control the migration of ammonia-impacted groundwater from reaching Biscayne Bay, a designated Outstanding Florida Water Body. The development team then filed for bankruptcy. A Receiver was appointed by the bank and tasked to make the site marketable. With the remediation requirement and no proven solution, the site laid fallow.

Outcomes and Benefits
Remedial alternatives for the ammonia plume had been evaluated by other consultants since the early 1990s and none proved technically effective or were cost prohibitive. SCS Engineers was retained by the Receiver to evaluate the problem. We developed a strategy to remediate the groundwater via extraction and deep injection, eliminating the need for treatment. The 3 MGD system provides the needed flexibility to address potential saltwater intrusion and lowers O&M costs to 25% of other systems.

Our approach was widely accepted by the regulatory community at the local and state level and is the prototype for similar systems being deployed in the area. Just as important as the environmental benefit, it made the site marketable and opened the door to another development team who has continued with their new $1 billion mixed-use development that will transform this blighted site into a showpiece, bringing jobs, tax dollars and new experiences to the community.

Brownfields and Remediation Services

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