Utilities: Jo-Carroll Energy Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Compliance and Oil Containment

33 Illinois substations and operating facilities are fully SPCC compliant

Jo-Carroll Energy saved time and money using SCS’s streamlined SPCC process at 33 of its Illinois-based substations and operating facilities.


Jo-Carroll Energy is a not-for-profit distribution cooperative that serves nearly 27,000 accounts in rural northwestern Illinois. Its customers include small businesses and industries, farms, and residences.

Jo-Carroll Energy has a portfolio of substations and operating facilities where oil storage is greater than the EPA’s threshold requiring Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans. The energy cooperative chose SCS Engineers to help them save time and money while remaining in compliance with SPCC regulations at 33 substations and operating facilities.

Outcomes and Benefits
Jo-Carroll Energy is fully SPCC compliant at their 33 substations and operating facilities and implemented new oil containment systems for oil-filled electrical substation equipment at four of their sites.

  • The cooperative saved money using SCS’s streamlined SPCC plan development process while delivering regulatory compliance in a shorter period.
  • Jo-Carroll Energy enhanced its environmental protection with cost-effective, simple to install, SPCC compliant, passive secondary containment solutions.


  • SCS conducted site visits to developing and updating SPCC plans for each substation and operating facility.
  • Designed oil containment systems at four Jo-Carroll Energy sites, including the final design/construction drawings, installation specifications, Professional Engineer’s certification, and construction assistance.