Solid Waste Management Financing

National Experts: Bob Gardner and Vita Quinn


SCS is particularly valuable in supporting private equity recapitalization used to fund solid waste infrastructure expansion.

Environmental considerations can play an important role in a merger or acquisition of a solid waste business. SCS Management Services® often assists buyers, sellers, private equity firms, and lenders in evaluating environmental and operational risks. We can provide a range of cost estimates that respond to environmental issues, including remediation of existing contamination, and prospective upgrades to environmental systems to maintain compliance or to minimize the potential for future contamination.

In some cases, our environmental due diligence support can be limited simply to reviewing publicly available information about a prospective acquisition target and providing summary opinions. More typically, our work includes preparation of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) in accordance with ASTM standards, coupled with a focused evaluation of current and pending compliance issues, and followed by a written report including ranges of costs to respond to issues identified.

Each year, SCS Engineers provides environmental due diligence in support of a number of merger and acquisition transactions, often with values ranging from a few million dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars, or more. SCS Management Services® experts working with SCS Engineers professionals are particularly valuable when supporting private equity recapitalization used to fund solid waste infrastructure expansion. SCS provides industry, operational, and organizational solid waste expertise that can help quickly identify and remedy obstacles to transition or expansion.

SCS’s professional staff includes engineers in many disciplines, including environmental, civil, geotechnical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and structural. SCS Management Services™ includes our financial experts who quantify technical and infrastructure investment. Other technical staff includes geologists, hydrogeologists, and hydrologists; chemists, biologists, ecologists, zoologists, botanists, and geophysicists; construction specialists and estimators; O&M managers and superintendents; planners; community relations specialists; computer scientists and data processing specialists; health and safety specialists; technical writers and editors; a statistician; and environmental attorneys.

SCS’s staff has hands-on experience in the required disciplines to provide cost-effective, comprehensive services. Because of its engineering foundation, SCS offers practical solutions to various environmental challenges. The assignment of project teams is made on a project-by-project basis dependent on the specific needs of the client and/or project.
Several due diligence projects completed by SCS supporting the potential acquisition of significant regional and national solid waste assets and operations are described by following the links below.

In addition to environmental due diligence support to the solid waste industry, SCS provides these financial services; click to learn more: