Operator, Custom,  PSM/RMP Training

For additional information or answers about the SCS training listed here, to register please contact Mark Carlyle and Jodie Rukamp at NH3Training@scsengineers.com.

Refrigeration Operator I & II Training

SCS’s  Refrigeration Operator I & II Training Programs use the applicable RETA Industrial Refrigeration (IR) 1 & 2 manuals which are included for the duration of the classes. These intensive four-day classes are provided in locations across the nation; convenient for attendees to participate locally. Each class has its own prerequisites which are detailed below; click here for locations, cost, detailed information, and to register.

Operator I: Designed for the beginning refrigeration operator, manager, and/or safety personnel with limited refrigeration training. 

Operator II: Designed for the refrigeration operator, manager, and safety personnel who have passed the Operator I class and have a higher level of experience and knowledge in industrial refrigeration systems using ammonia as a refrigerant.

Custom On-Site Training

SCS offers custom on-site training programs for businesses and facilities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Refrigeration system reviews
  • Refrigeration equipment and facility-specific standard operating procedures
  • Refrigeration components

Training is provided using materials from RETA, IIAR, manufacturers, and/or field experience, as well as facility-specific standard operating procedures.

PSM/RMP Training

This training includes ammonia refrigeration-focused material specific to your PSM/RMP program and facility, highlighting the responsibilities of the various PSM/RMP team members that may include, but not be limited to, maintenance, safety, management, environmental, and facility personnel:

  • PSM/RMP regulatory requirements
  • Ammonia Awareness
  • Implementation strategies
  • Review / Complete required forms for various elements


Contact SCS or click here to see the schedule.


…Great Class! It was very informative and eye-opening for the actual workload of a true PSM Coordinator Job. I will make it a goal for 2019 to have our Plant Engineers attend the Basics class and I hope to have the Chief Engineer attend the Advanced Class. Everything was very well put together. Kudos for a great program. John Schramm, Corporate Safety Officer, Quality Refrigerated Services

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