SWANA supports Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Prevention Act in California

July 1, 2019

Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) estimates that between 75 percent and 92 percent of lithium-ion batteries are disposed of improperly. For the State of California, that represents tens of millions of batteries annually, and each one has the potential to cause a catastrophic fire in a collection vehicle, transfer station, landfill or recycling facility. The chemicals in the batteries can cause harm to humans and animals. For these reasons, the insurance industry is raising premiums on waste and collection facilities, which ultimately increases the cost of waste disposal.

As a society, we depend on these small but powerful resources; we simply need to dispose of them more carefully.

AB 1509, as amended May 2019, would create a recycling program for lithium-ion batteries in California. Lithium-ion batteries are banned from disposal in California, but still show up in the waste stream as the public disposes of cell phones, laptops, power tools, and a host of electronic gadgets. The bill intends to address outreach and education to help recycle these batteries safely. Read the letter from SWANA

Recycling Batteries is Easy

If you do not plan to donate your electronics for reuse, then Google electronic waste collection near me to find the nearest location to dispose of them safely. You’ll be doing yourself, your community, and the many people who work in waste management and recycling a favor and we thank you for that!


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