SWANA Webinar: Landfill Gas Data Collection and Analysis, May 2

April 30, 2018

Join William J. Perez, Project Manager, SCS Field Services for the SWANA webinar LFG Data Collection and Analysis, on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 1:45 pm ET.

GCCS are installed with the operational goals of complying with federal, state and local regulations, preventing LFG migration, and controlling odors. Their proper operation along with data collection are essential to achieving compliance and operating at peak efficiency without challenges.

Once data is collected it is then analyzed to determine if there are problems at data collection points. Problems can include; air leaks, over pull conditions, high gas temperature, low or no flow, low available system pressure, high methane, high static pressure, or other issues. Bill Perez discusses these challenges to efficiency; how to identify them as well as what corrective actions to take.

The Methane Range Map at left shows wells with high levels of methane and identifies areas that are being under-extracted. This information can be used to locate new wells or tune existing wells to increase capture. On the right, the Pressure Range Map looks for wells that may be blocked with liquid or may have collapsed, or that are possibly maxed out.

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