Webinar: Sustainability & Urbanism in Los Angeles

June 18, 2020

Bisnow is hosting a webinar on “Sustainability & Urbanism in Los Angeles: How Coronavirus is Accelerating CRE Sustainability Trends across Los Angeles.”  SCS Engineers is a co-sponsor of the event.

During the Webinar, industry leaders will examine:

  • What steps are office owners taking to repopulate their assets as tenants return to work?
  • What are the impacts on sustainability brought about by the coronavirus and can new technologies solve for these?
  • LA Metro and other local public transportation are being used significantly less by Angelenos. How will this impact traffic patterns and the environment?
  • What is the current state of Los Angeles urbanism and — given the region’s inherent geographic sprawl — have recent events changed this at all?
  • What is the current state of equitable access to public open spaces across the Southland and what, if any solutions, do the panelists propose to increase these offerings?

The people, communities and cities that make up Los Angeles are preparing for life without shelter in place and the coronavirus and hoping to keep them in the rearview for the foreseeable future.

With offices and retail open once again and restaurants sorting out how to offer outdoor dining, questions linger from Venice to Eagle Rock. For the CRE industry’s sustainability and urbanism experts, the last few months have been difficult while the months and years ahead present an even greater challenge.

In the short term, the pandemic has been challenging for those trying to maintain sustainability goals and hit internal metrics — energy spikes, increased HVAC requests and intense chemicals have all become a part of the new norm. In the big picture, trends that were slowly showing up have now arrived including a push towards healthy buildings, low energy, increased interest in LEED certification and carbon neutrality.

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Posted by Laura Dorn at 2:30 am