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SCS Engineers Adds More RETA NH3 Training Nationwide

February 11, 2019




Training Schedules and Class Descriptions

SCS Engineers specialized business unit SCS Tracer has expanded the Operator I & II and CARO Review Training in more locations. These intensive training programs run throughout the year and are available nationwide.

SCS Tracer also offers an Introduction to PSM/RMP/GDC Training. This intensive two-day session is designed for operations personnel, plant managers, facility compliance personnel, and/or safety / EHS staff who want a detailed overview of the regulatory requirements included in the PSM, RMP, and General Duty Clause regulations.

Advanced PSM/RMP/GDC Training is an intensive three-day session is designed for experienced PSM Program Managers, Plant Managers, facility compliance personnel, and/or safety / EHS staff who want a detailed review of some of the more complex regulatory requirements included in the PSM and RMP regulations and that are being enforced under the General Duty Clause for facilities with ammonia charges under 10,000 pounds. This class will also cover state-specific requirements such as CalARP.

Contact us for on-site SOP &/or specific Refrigeration Training for operators customized
for your system/facility. We also provide PSM/RMP and Ammonia Awareness training.

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Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am