Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Concrete

National Carbon Capture Conference and Expo, Des Moines

November 8, 2022

Meet SCS Engineers professionals at the National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo, November 8-9, 2022 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Produced by Carbon Capture Magazine and BBI International, the National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo is designed for companies and organizations advancing technologies and policy that support the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from all sources, including fossil fuel-based power plants, ethanol production plants and industrial processes, as well as directly from the atmosphere.

SCS professionals are speaking at the conference, including:

Charles Hostetler is presenting on “Optimize Protection of USDWs – Minimize the Site-Wide False Positive Rate”

Kacey Garber is presenting on “Potential Geochemical Effects of CO2 and Brine Leakage on a Dilute Aquifer and Implications for CCUS Testing and Monitoring Plans”


The National Carbon Capture Conference will focus on research, data, trends and information on all aspects of CCUS with the goal to help companies build knowledge, connect with others, and better understand the market and carbon utilization. Presentation topics will include: Tax Policy; Impact on Carbon Intensity of all Forms of Energy; Required Plant Infrastructure; Environmental Permitting; Pipeline Requirements and Construction; Low Carbon Fuel Markets and Mandates; Project Development; Turning Carbon into Value; New Technologies Driving the Industry; and Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Concrete.

The conference continues to take shape.  For current details and registration information, click here.




Posted by Laura Dorn at 12:00 am