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Rethink, Revitalize, and Reinvest: Your Brownfields Redevelopment Toolbox, Forester Webinar

June 30, 2021

Join Forester University for this live, educational webinar with SCS Engineers professionals Amy Dzialowski (Project Director and National Brownfields Practice Leader) and Jim Ritchie (Vice President) on June 30.  Amy and Jim will focus on the how and why of brownfields redevelopment, including how we can rethink environmental solutions and reimagine more sustainable communities as we bring properties back into beneficial reuse. This presentation will give an overview of funding sources as well as case studies for successful brownfields redevelopment.

Learning Objectives

  • What is a brownfield?
  • Brownfields challenges and opportunities
  • Environmental liability and liability relief
  • Environmental assessment strategies for redevelopment
  • Redevelopment planning
  • Sustainable redevelopment

A brownfield is a property for which redevelopment is complicated by the real or perceived risk of environmental contamination. Increasingly, municipalities and the private sector are seeking redevelopment of these potentially impaired properties to strengthen local economies, rebuild communities, invigorate urban cores, promote sustainable growth, and improve soil and groundwater quality. Combined, the goal of brownfields redevelopment is to not only revitalize communities, but also to improve human health and the environment.

The complicated environmental conditions and economic distress typical of brownfields sites creates a higher potential risk for the public and private stakeholders involved in the process. Creative environmental assessment and redevelopment strategies are necessary to limit liability and overcome these persistent environmental and economic challenges.

There are a number of opportunities and incentives for funding brownfields site assessment and remediation. These funds are available to landowners and communities for environmental site assessment and cleanup. State brownfields programs can also help identify risk, limit liability, and fund the cleanup of brownfield sites enabling their reuse for industry, commercial, residential, open space, or other purposes.

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