There’s something for everyone at the NW Symposium

April 20, 2017

Each spring the Washington, Oregon and British Columbia SWANA chapters hold a joint Northwest Symposium, where members come to exchange information and learn from technical experts like these:

Michelle Leonard, SCS Vice President and our National Expert on Sustainability and on Solid Waste Planning and Recycling, will provide a welcome address on “Solid Waste Issues in the US – Past, Present, and Future.”


Bruce Clark, PE, BCES, LEED AP®, is SCS Engineers’ National Expert on Waste Conversion will present “Is Your Solid Waste Infrastructure at Risk?” at the 9:20 am technical session.


Alex Stege, SCS Engineers’ National Expert on Landfill Gas Modeling, will discuss “Methane Emissions Reduction Strategies and Meeting Washington’s Clean Air Rule Requirements,” at the 10:50 am technical session.


Tracie Onstad Bills will present at the 1:10 pm session entitled “A Small Community, Mandatory Organics and Politics: A Technology and Infrastructure Case Study.”


“Impact of the New Landfill NSPS and EG Rules on the Waste Industry,” by Pat Sullivan, BCES, CPP, REPA, Senior Vice President of SCS Engineers and the National Expert on the Landfill Clean Air Act and the New Source Performance Standard (NSPS), at the 9:20 am technical session.


“Landfill Final Cover and Water in the Drainage Layer – How to Collect and Remove,” presented by Ali Khatami, Ph.D., P.E.


“Case Studies on the Effective Use of Remote Monitoring Systems to Solve Problems Efficiently,” presented by Phil Carrillo.




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